inView™ 360 HD Video

See and record the view of the full perimeter around your vehicle

inView 360 HD is a revolutionary Around Vehicle Monitoring System that eliminates blind spots by giving drivers a real-time 360-degree view around the apparatus. The full HD ultra-wide cameras give you four unique views allowing the operator to easily see pedestrians and obstacles in close proximity to the apparatus or vehicle.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 1080p video output enables you to view and record high definition video.
  • Built-in DVR securely records “all connected cameras” individually making it great for insurance purposes when used in legal proceedings. Can be added to additional DVR system without the need to split video signals and feed.
  • Selectable “on screen overlay”allows the user to set the width, length, and position of the overlay for their specific apparatus. Saves valuable time when deploying outriggers, water dumps, tool boards or filling water tank vehicles.
  • Adjustable blend lines eliminate blind spots
  • Full Around Vehicle Monitoring (AVM). The standard system consists of four cameras to provide a 2D, four camera stitched-around-vehicle view (top view). The system is capable of connecting another 1-2 cameras to monitor other areas. All connected cameras are recorded. Optional STD and HD monitors are available.
  • Now available six camera Full Around Vehicle Monitoring (AVM). Six camera stitched view-around-vehicle view (top view). All connected cameras are recorded. Optional STD and HD monitors are available.
  • Second view switches automatically between front, left, right and reverse when triggered by vehicle controls.
  • ECU includes built in GPS, accelerometer and Wi-Fi.
  • Instant Reverse – The system activates the rear camera image with 2 seconds of ignition, enabling FMVSS-111 compliance.

Prevent vehicle damage

Protect your assets with fewer accidents and increased liability protection

Cost effective systems and installation

  • Improved driver visibility and awareness
  • Low speed tight space maneuvering and reversing
  • Improved calibration minimizes blind-spots
  • Simplifies safe positioning of vehicles such as boom trucks and aerial trucks
  • Reduce preventable accidents through driver awareness
  • Evidence collection
  • 360 degree liability protection
  • All in one cost effective solution for 360 degree HD recording
  • Optimized installation and calibration process

inView helps to navigate tight roads, back up into narrow parking bays and maneuver into compact parking spaces.

Customize your system for your apparatus

inView TrueSight

Boost your visibility and eliminate blind spots with flexible video packages that can be configured to meet any need. Choose the number of cameras and monitors to meet your requirements. Available in wired and wireless to easily accommodate new and retrofit installations. Many mix and match options all at a competitive price.*

InView 360 HD

inView 360 HD is an intelligent camera monitor system designed to assist low-speed maneuvering by providing the driver with a complete surround view of the vehicle in real time.

The system increases visibility around the apparatus providing the operator with a 360° bird’s-eye view. In addition, the split screen monitor also displays one of four individual camera views automatically, dependent on driving operation; front, right, left or reverse.

The inView 360 HD™ provides the apparatus driver with split screen view. The bird’s-eye view is always visible providing a 360° view around the vehicle.

This unique view allows the operator to see pedestrians and obstacles in close proximity to the apparatus or vehicle. The second view on the display switches between a front/left/right/rear view depending on the operational conditions. An in-cab toggle switch allows the operator to override the default camera view for complete control over the system.

The four live images are combined, blended and stitched capturing all surrounding area including blind spots of the vehicle.

Ability to Overlay “Outrigger” Graphics

Help reduce risk of accidents and costly repairs with graphic “Outrigger” overlays for vehicles like aerial apparatus.

Automatic Monitor Shut-Off

Based on a customer selected vehicle speed, the monitor can automatically shut off the video display to help minimize operator distraction.

An outrigger overlay provides operational safety by giving the driver visibility to the area required for deployment. This unique feature saves critical positioning time.

Four cameras placed around the apparatus capture a 195° ultra-wide angle view of each side of the apparatus.

InView 360HD System Components

Wide Angle Cameras

  • Four cameras deliver a clear, crisp high-definition image.
  • Die cast aluminum housing
  • Dimensions : 2.0″ x 1.7″ x 1.6″ (51mm x 43mm x 41mm)
  • Operating Temperature: -4° F to 160° F (-20° C to 70° C)
  • Rating : IP67
  • 195° ultra-wide angle

ECU – Electronic Control Unit

  • Blends all views and presents them to the driver in a real-time image.
  • Dimensions : 5.8″ x 6.8″ x 1.5″ (147mm x 173mm x 38mm)
  • 2 video output
  • 8V-32V
  • Operating Temperature: -4° F to 160° F (-20° C to 70° C)
  • Triggers driven from the 4 camera views
  • Customizable vehicle template

SNB100-C00 – inView 360 HD Kit

  • (1) Front camera
  • (1) Cable kit
  • (1) Rear camera
  • (1) Toggle switch
  • (2) Side cameras
  • (1) ECU
  • (1) Control

Optional System Components

  • SNB100-CI0 Calibration Kit
  • SNB1option-MH0 7″ (178mm) HD Monitor
  • SNB1option-MH1 10.1″ (257mm) HD Monitor
  • SNB1option-MS0 7″ (178mm) STD Monitor
  • SNB1option-MW0 7″ (178mm) STD Waterproof Monitor

High Definition Cameras

A ground breaking development in mobile camera resolution, this next-generation camera uses progressive scan technology to deliver a clear, crisp high-definition image with up to 6x the resolution of a typical analog camera.

  • HD1W/ HD3W/ 3MP (selectable) progressive scan resolution
  • Range of wide or narrow lens sizes depending on application – wide lens standard
  • Local video out connector for quick set up of field of view and focus of camera
  • Rugged, IP67 weatherproof, anti-glare and vandal resistant housing

Option – Interior Dome Camera

  • Compact, Infrared LED, tamper-proof camera
  • 2.8mm, 3.6mm & 6.0mm lens options
  • 720p or 1080p
  • Built-in audio

Option – Wedge Camera

  • Compact, Infrared LED, tamper proof camera
  • 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 16.0mm or 25.0mm lens options
  • 720p or 1080p
  • IP67 weatherproof

vMax Commander Video and Data Fleet Management Software*

vMax Commander efficiently manages your entire fleet’s on-board video surveillance systems through a single web-based application. A convenient, user-friendly dashboard gives you a view of all of your video-related activities including alarms, video downloads, system health status, and connected vehicles. When combined with Smart-Reach, video with marked events can be automatically downloaded from an apparatus as it enters the station and is ready for viewing from a central location – eliminating the hassle and labor involved in retrieving video footage.

Hassel-free Video Retrieval

  • Eliminate hard drive handling costs and free up labor resources with automatic video downloading.

Monitor Video System Heath

  • Monitor the status of your on-board video systems in a convenient at-a-glance dashboard of video health status, downloads and alarms.

Web-based Video Management

  • Now you can manage your video surveillance system from anywhere no software to download or device to configure

Quick and Easy Video Location

  • Find critical video evidence in seconds with geographic and zone-based map search.

Advanced Reporting

  • Web-based access to user accounts and system health reports. Control access to critical video by restricting and assigning permissions.

Advanced DVR Health Status

  • Monitor and report on camera system health right down to individual camera loss.

View GPS Tracks

  • View GPS Tracks on a map, with detail in 2 second intervals, without having to download video – Ideal for route incident investigation. Operates via Wi-Fi, cellular or both.

* Web based service requires yearly subscription license. Download via Wi-Fi or Cellular data

Wi-Fi Smart Reach Wireless Access for Vmax Commander

Smart-Reach technology is an effective industrial-grade wireless solution for apparatus video surveillance. Smart-Reach Wi-Fi gives you the ability to download surveillance video automatically over a Wi-Fi network when the apparatus returns to the station house, making video surveillance retrieval virtually hassle-free. Access live video from anywhere, using a mobile device or web browser, so you can quickly and more effectively respond to emergency situations.

Automatic Wi-Fi Video Downloading

  • Working in combination with vMax Commander surveillance management software, Smart-Reach Wi-Fi provides a robust wireless infrastructure for automated video downloading.

Secure, Industrial-grade Wi-Fi

  • A truly robust wireless solution built for mobile applications.

Reliable Video Downloading

  • Sufficient strength, signal and bandwidth for efficient and reliable downloading.

Mobile Wireless Bridge (one per apparatus)

  • This mobile wireless bridge allows you to connect to Guardian DVR and retrieve data over a wireless LAN with simplicity and security.

Wireless Receiver Access Point (one per apparatus)

  • This industrial-grade wireless access point delivers scalable and seamless wireless access when and where you need it.

Smart-Reach Cellular Access for vMax Commander

Smart-Reach cellular access lets you access live video from anywhere, using a mobile device or web browser, so you can quickly and more effectively respond to emergency situations.

Stream Live Video

  • When connected to a Guardian DVR, the Smart-Reach router will securely transmit live video and tracking data over your network for easy viewing on your desktop, mobile device, or even integrated with apparatus routing software.

Secure Connectivity

  • IPSec industry standard protocol and data encryption protect sensitive data when transmitted over your network.

Access Live Video From Anywhere*

  • Tap in securely to live video from anywhere with an Internet connection.

System Features and Benefits

  • This intelligent wireless router allows you to connect to the Guardian DVR and transmit video and tracking data securely over the cellular network.

*Live Video (view) only available in North America.

inView Guardian HD Viewing Options:

  • SNBoption-1 Video, Guardian, Smart Reach Wireless Bridge, Wi-Fi.
  • SNBoption-2 Video, Guardian, Smart Reach Wireless Access Pt, Cell.
  • SNBoption-3 Video, Guardian, V-Max view commander SW.
  • XE-SNBHDDSTB-A0A Video, Guardian, V-Max View Kit, Docking Sta., SW, Mouse.

inView Guardian HD Addl. Media Cartridge Kits (Hard Drive):

  • XE-SNBTHH500G-K0A Video, Guardian HD, 500GB Hard Drive, Storage Case.
  • XE-SNBTHHK1T0-K0A Video, Guardian HD, 1T Hard Drive, Storage Case.
  • XE-SNBTHHK2T0-K0A Video, Guardian HD, 2T Hard Drive, Storage Case.

inView 360 HD Specifications

Operating Voltage 8 VDC to 32 VDC. Reverse polarity protection on power
Operating Temperature -4F to 160F(-20°C to 70°C)
Storage Temperature -40F to 185F(-40°C to 85°C)
Self-Diagnostics On boot. LED indicators, on-screen indicators
  • Top View, 2D stitched around vehicle view / Front / Rear / Left / Right
  • Auto-switched based on external triggers: Left / Right turn signals, Drive/Reverse
  • Manual-switched with an external push button for overall view
  • Instantaneous reverse view after engine ignition and reverse gear engaged.
Trigger Signal Voltage 6 to 32 VDC
Video Download SD Card
Configuration Via IR, via Wi-Fi, via monitor (mouse driven)
Video Recording Supported, continuous
Storage* Up to 4 SD cards in series; max capacity 256 GB for a total of 1TB max system storage.
Monitor Supports 720p (CVBS) and /or 1080p (HD); touch screen capable
Vehicle Image Library Editable | Preloaded with 8 vehicle types
Enclosure Die-cast aluminum ADC12; lockable/removable front cover (metal)
Video Outputs 1080p / CBVS, 2 ports
Video Inputs (1) Up to 6
Frame Rate 1080p @30fps NTSC, @25fps PAL; all channels
Compression/Encoding H.264
Trigger Signals Left / Right / Reverse / Panic (event marking), On Screen Overlay
Trigger Voltage 6-32VDC @ 0.12 to 0.63 mA
Camera Port Impedance 75 Ω
Video Output Port Impedance 75 Ω
GPS <28mA @ 3.3V
Dimension (W x L x D) 5.8 x 6.8 x 1.5 inches (135 x 172 x 40 mm)
IR Sensor External with 9.8ft (3m) extension
Enclosure Die-cast aluminum with a stainless steel bracket
Dimensions 2.0 x 1.7 x 1.6 inches (52 x 42 x 40 mm)
Sensor 2.9 mega-pixel CMOS
Power ECU-supplied
Voltage 12VDC @65 mA
Lens Focal Length 2.8mm (Glass)
Field of View (FoV) 130° (V) x 195° (H)
Ingress Protection Ingress Protection IP69
Other System Specifications
G-Sensor Equipped; Built-In
GPS External Receiver
Wi-Fi External antenna; 802.11 b/g/n/ac
Language English / French / German / Dutch
Units of Measure Metric / Imperial
Ports USB / RS232C / RS485 / CanBUS
Regulatory FCC / EMark / CE


4 to 6 channels
  • HD Player (native) - with routing information
  • H.264 compliant - without routing information
  • Recorded video selectable/filterable by event types

* SD card sold separately
(1) 4x video inputs for 360 HD view, 2x video inputs to monitor other areas on the apparatus

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