• The ManSaver is a safety bar that mounts across openings in walkway areas. This innovative device will help prevent a fall from the walkway.

  • The ManSaver is spring loaded so that it always returns to a horizontal position. There are no hooks to latch or harnesses to buckle. This clever design helps ensure that the walkway will always be protected as firefighters do not waste time closing or latching anything behind them. To enter, push the ManSaver in or up. To exit, simply lift.
  • The ManSaver is made of aluminum extrusion and aluminum bronze castings thereby making it rust proof. It is covered with a heavy layer of foam and a tough rip-stop vinyl outer covering to protect against injuries. Available in even sizes from 14 to 36 inches. Standard bar is provided with bright yellow vinyl cover, red is available upon request.

  • The ManSaver must be attached to a strong surface or sturdy support. Each bar is supplied with dependable, heavy-duty, grade-8 mounting bolts.

Mansaver bars are ideal for Aerial Turntables.

Aerial Bar

Use the Aerial bar at the end of the ladder across from the opening to the bucket. Like the standard ManSaver, it is spring loaded so an operator doesn’t have to remember to close or latch it.

The aerial bar is a variation on the standard ManSaver. This bar has a stainless steel U-shaped tube welded to it to cover more area and to help prevent a person from slipping underneath the bar. Designed for use at the top of an aerial device, at the back of the “bucket” where the ladder leads down to the elevated turntable.


  • Opens in two directions (up and in).

  • Available in two standard sizes of 24″ and 26″.

  • Stainless loop welded under the bar provides added safety.

  • Spring loaded to always return to a closed position.

  • 4 grade-8 mounting bolts are provided.

  • All aluminum extrusion and aluminum bronze castings – cannot rust.

Aerial Bar Mounting

The standard bar mounts on the left as you enter the basket from the ladder. If this mount will interfere with a control panel in the basket, an aerial bar that mounts on the opposite side is available. The bar has a 6″ or 10″ stainless loop welded to an unpadded ManSaver.

How to Mount at an Angle

  • Measure the distance between mounting surface and opposite surface to obtain dimension L (see Fig. 1). Be sure to leave at least 1/2″ clearance.

  • Measure the offset (how much wider one surface is than the other) to obtain W (see Fig. 2).
  • Use the wedge shim selection chart.

Wedge Shim Selection Chart

How to use the chart: (for example, assume L=26″, W=7″)

  • Select the length (L=26″) of the ManSaver bar.

  • Read across the chart horizontally, select the width (W) on the chart that is equal to or less than the actual width measured and choose the corresponding shim type (In our example the closest value is 6 1/2″ , so the wedge shim required is Type C as shown by the shaded area on the chart.)

Bench Seat Bar


  • Use the bar as an armrest or at the end of a bench seat.

  • Opens vertically up and down.

  • Covered with a heavy layer of foam and a tough rip-stop vinyl outer covering.

  • Option to pin in upright position.

  • Standard bar is provided with a grey cover, other colors are available.

Bench Seat Mounting

The bench seat bar is normally mounted by the ambulance manufacturer. FRC works closely with these body builders and can supply the bar with matching vinyl as required. Otherwise, the bar mounts just as the standard ManSaver™.

Ordering Information

Bench Seat Bar

STANDARD KIT includes one bar and mounting hardware.

  • MSA110-AXXManSaver Bar
  • MSA120-AXXPlatform Bar, bar without pad & cover
  • MSA300-AXX – Bench Sear Bar
  • MSA406-AXX – Aerial Bar with 6″ loop
  • MSA410-AXX – Aerial Bar with 10″ loop
  • XX = Length (in inches)
  • ManSaver/Platform length: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36″
  • Bench Seat Bar: 16, 18, 20, 22, 24″
  • Aerial Bar: 24, 26″
  • Upright Pin
  • Rail Bracket

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