Prevent Expensive Equipment Losses

Equip your apparatus with the high-tech SafeTrack system to assure your valuable or mission critical equipment is on the vehicle and has not been left at the scene or is onboard when responding to a call. Designed specifically for accountability of assets by compartment, SafeTrack will provide immediate visual notification that a tagged asset is not located in the designated storage location.

Upon notice of a missing piece, the operator can simply access the system dashboard, via any device that runs a web browser, to identify the missing piece along with the GPS location of last time on the apparatus. No special apps to operate, the browser run system is capable of managing multiple assets per compartment; giving you the flexibility to manage all of your key equipment.

The initial setup and identification process is made easy with the wizard’s step-by-step process. Ideal for new builds and retrofit applications with packages designed to simplify both installations. Rest easy knowing that your equipment is in place when you specify SafeTrack.

What SafeTrack Does for You

  • Mitigates loss of expensive equipment – notifies the crew if any tagged equipment is not onboard at an incident response site.

  • Assists with equipment availability and readiness – Ensure equipment is onboard prior to an incident response.

  • Assists with missing equipment recovery – Informs the crew of the last known location of tagged equipment.

How it Works

  • A SafeTrack Tag which sends Bluetooth signals is physically attached to each asset

  • Information from the Tag is relayed to the SafeTrack Hub which determines the status of an asset:

    • Stored in correct location
    • Not present on vehicle

    Note: tracks multiple tagged equipment located in the same compartment

  • SafeTrack Hub records the status, timestamp and GPS location of assets
  • A cab mounted status indicator warning light illuminates to notify the crew if any equipment is missing or needs attention.

SafeTrack Fleet View

The optional Fleet View Software is a comprehensive management system allowing station chiefs, maintenance, or inventory managers to see a fleet-level view of assets. The web browser-based, cloud hosted application and database contains the master asset list with specific stations, vehicles and locations within the vehicle, the association of assets with tags, and an asset presence/absence history.

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