A pressure governor has never been so easy to use. Take advantage of the large, high resolution Vivid Impact™ display for effortless navigation. High tactile buttons and a two inch control knob are designed to make gloved operation easier than ever. With it’s bright display and rugged design, the PumpBoss Max LCD display is highly visible under sunlight and engineered to perform in extreme temperatures.

New LCD display and custom Graphic User Interface delivers real-time, detailed pump and engine information. Intuitive icons provide key operational status at a glance.

  • Automatic daytime and nighttime screen modes
  • Large, impact resistant 3.5″ (89 mm) LCD screen for unmatched durability and high resolution Vivid Impact™ display, high visibility under sunlight

  • High tactile keypad buttons make gloved operation easy

  • Independent Pressure and RPM mode buttons

  • Info center menu button – Parameter value read-out (replaces governor setting display when activated)

  • Large control knob – makes gloved operation easy

  • Red IDLE button – brings the engine to idle RPM quickly

  • Audible Alarm Off button

  • Space saving design at 3.65″ (93 mm) wide, 7.42″ (188 mm) tall

PumpBoss Max Constantaly Monitors Discharge Pressure

The PumpBoss Max pressure governor uses state-of-the-art programmable microprocessor technology which operates in one of two modes, pressure or RPM. It maintains a steady pump discharge pressure within system capabilities by controlling the engine speed or holding a selected engine RPM.

PumpBoss Max can monitor both the pump intake and discharge pressure, providing improved defense against pump cavitations.

The large, impact resistant 3.5″ (89 mm) LCD screen displays engine RPM and provides a constant display of engine oil pressure, engine coolant temperature, transmission temperature, and battery voltage. A message display shows the pressure or RPM setting during normal operations and fault warning alarms as they occur. When selected by the operator it will show monitored information, stored data, and
programed options.

  • Displays and LEDs automatically adjust for day or night operation

  • Interlock – OK to Pump and Throttle Ready indicators
  • Large Idle button
  • Dual 600 psi (40 BAR) discharge and intake mounted pressure sensors
  • No pressure or RPM variation when changing modes
  • Always starts in Pressure Mode at idle RPM
  • High idle input via external switch for remote activation

Even More Reasons to Go Max

  • More intuitive
  • Check Engine, Stop Engine, Warning and Alarm icons on display
  • Message bar displays error or warning information
  • Recognition of no water condition with automatic response
  • Limits increase of pressure when in RPM mode
  • Easy to navigate Menu for setup
  • Programmable preset settings
  • Display brightness – able to set threshold/trigger for daytime/nighttime mode
  • Ability to sync daytime and nighttime mode with another Safe Fleet device on pump panel
  • Adjustable vehicle related parameters, calibrations, warning and alarm values
  • Choice of psi, kPa or BAR
  • Knob rotation programmable for clockwise (default) or counter-clockwise
  • Engine type programmable
  • Adjustable engine ramp rate and stability setting
  • On-screen diagnostic and troubleshooting
  • Software is updated via USB

Ordering Information

PUMPBOSS receives engine information via the J1939 or ISO CAN bus.

STANDARD KIT includes control module, pressure sensor(s), and cables.

Kit Numbers Contact FRC for additional engine types
Two 600 psi Discharge & Intake Sensors One 300 psi Discharge Sensor Description
PBA500-X0 PBA500-X1 Generic
PBA501-X0 PBA501-X1 Cummins
PBA502-X0 PBA502-X1 Detroit Diesel
PBA504-X0 PBA504-X1 Navistar
PBA505-X0 PBA505-X1 Caterpillar
PBA506-X0 PBA506-X1 Ford *
PBA508-X0 PBA508-X1 Scania
PBA510-X0 PBA510-X1 Mercedes
PBA524-X0 PBA524-X1 MAN­
PBA528-X0 PBA528-X1 RAM
PBA529-X0 PBA529-X1 Volvo

* Ford engine 2011 or newer. Requires J1939 Translator Module
X = Type of Engine Control

  • Dimensions : 3.65″ (93 mm) wide 7.42″ (188 mm) tall
  • Options : kPa / BAR / °C

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