InControl 400

Features Knob Control

InControl 300

Features Push Button Control


  • Quick response control knob allows faster and more reliable RPM adjustments.
  • Two line digital message display to clearly show the RPM settings during normal operations, as well as warning alarms and stored data program features.
  • Bi-color LED bar graphs that provide operators with clear visual engine status.
  • An additional 4th bi-color LED bar graph specific for transmission temperature.
  • A built-in day/night sensor adjusts the brightness of the LED display to ensure clear viewing.
  • Separate buttons for MENU and SILENCE. SILENCE button to deactivate the audible warning alarm.
  • MENU button to access stored data and program features.

Ordering Information

INCONTROL receives engine information via the J1939 or ISO CAN bus.

STANDARD KIT includes control module, pressure sensors, audible alarm buzzer, and cables.

Kit Numbers Contact FRC for additional engine types
Push Button Knob Control Description
TGA300 TGA400 Generic
TGA301 TGA401 Cummins
TGA302 TGA402 Detroit Diesel
TGA304 TGA404 Navistar
TGA305 TGA405 Caterpillar
TGA306 TGA406 Ford *
TGA308 TGA408 Scania
TGA310 TGA410 Mercedes
TGA324 TGA424 MAN­
TGA329 TGA429 Volvo

* Ford engine 2011 or newer. Requires J1939 Translator Module

  • Dimensions : 5.5″ (140 mm) high X 10.5″ (267 mm) wide
  • Options : kPa / BAR / °C

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