Pressure Governors

Leading with Safety


  • Constantly monitors discharge pressure and compares it to engine RPM
  • Limits RPM increases when conditions arise that fall outside of normal operating parameters
  • Message display always alerts operator to what the governor is doing and what type of problem it is encountering

Proper operating pressure

Running Away from Water

If pressure drops and an increase in RPM does not bring the pressure back up, the governor recognizes this as a running away from water condition. When this condition occurs the governor switches to the RPM LIMIT MODE, LOW WATER CYCLE or NO SUPPLY WATER­­­, alerts the operator and controls the engine RPM accordingly.­­­

Pressure is above 45 PSI (3 BAR) with inconsistent flow or air in the line

RPM Limit Mode

If the discharge pressure stays above 45 psi (3 BAR), the governor behaves like a manual throttle and the operator can raise or lower the engine RPM. If the RPM is manually lowered to a point where the pump is not running away from water and pressure is stable, the RPM limit mode is canceled. When the pressure comes back to the selected pressure setting, the RPM limit mode is canceled and the governor switches to normal operation.

Pressure is between 15 PSI (1 BAR) and 45 PSI (3 BAR)

Low Water Cycle

If the discharge pressure is between 15 psi (1 BAR) and 45 psi (3 BAR), the engine is set at 1100 RPM. If the pressure does not rise above 45 psi (3 BAR) in 7 seconds, the governor sets the engine RPM at idle. The governor repeats the low water cycle as long as the discharge pressure is between 15 psi (1 BAR) and 45 psi (3 BAR). When the pressure rises above 45 psi (3 BAR) the governor resumes normal operation.

Pressure is lower than 15 PSI (1 BAR)

No Supply Water

If the discharge pressure is below 15 psi (1 BAR), the engine RPM is set at idle and the message display
flashes NO WATER. If, within 3 minutes, the discharge pressure rises above 15 psi (1 BAR) the governor enters the low water cycle. If the discharge pressure does not rise above 15 psi (1 BAR) within 3 minutes, the governor switches to idle mode and cancels the pressure setting.

Universal Features

Adjustment Features

Quick Response Control Knob

Allows faster and more reliable pressure and RPM adjustments

Available on PumpBoss and INControl 400

Traditional Push Button Control for pressure and RPM adjustment

Available on Total Control, INControl 300 and ProT

Additional Features

Separate Pressure & RPM Buttons with LED indicators

For ease of selecting either mode of operation

Available on PumpBoss, ProT, and INControl

Throttle-Ready LED is on when the required interlock conditions are met and the governor ­­­begins pump operations

Digital Master Pressure Display

For pump discharge and intake

Available on Total Control, INControl and ProT

Superior Features for Safer Operation

  • Always Starts from Idle
    Ensures a safer operation when the pressure governor is activated. No unsafe pressure surge

  • Stays in Selected Mode
    Will not drop out of operational mode when the engine RPM is brought back to IDLE by pump operator or when the pump has cavitated

  • Governor Only Operates when Throttle Ready LED is on
    Interlock protection to ensure safe operating conditions are met

  • Field Programmable Preset for Pressure and RPM
    Use the PRESET button to quickly go to the desired pump pressure or engine RPM

  • Visual Indication and Audible Alarm if Engine Limits are Exceeded
    Alerts the operator to unsafe pump operation

  • Self-Diagnostic Capabilities
    Provides alarms and warnings when error or fault conditions exist

  • Fault Conditions are Recorded
    Fault codes, with date and time stamps, are stored for easy maintenance or diagnostics retrieval

  • USB Port
    Allows software updates or revisions to be
    easily uploaded

Programming Options at Multiple Levels

  • ­­­FRC Governors Provide Flexibility with Over 50 Programmable Options
    There are four levels of programming that allow all FRC governors to meet your exact requirements and needs. Programming is simple to change with clear, easy to follow instructions. Passwords are required to access higher level operational codes.

  • Factory Defaults
    Meets or exceeds all NFPA requirements

  • Manufacturer/Body Builder Programming
    Helps match the governor to engine, transmission, pump, and specific vehicle requirements

  • Dealer/Service Center Codes
    Allows for adjusting vehicle related parameters, calibrations, warning and alarm values

  • Field Settings
    Access to date and time, presets, calibration points, and operator functions as needed­­

Customized Parameters for the Perfect Fit

  • Warnings and Alarms
    Defaults to NFPA and engine manufacturer recommendations, adjustable for all high and low settings
  • Unit of Measure
    Choose from Imperial or multiple variations of metric for control and display

  • Engine Type
    Select engine model and control characteristics

  • Maximum Pressure Setting
    High pressure pumps and sensors require higher settings
  • Engine Control Ramp Rate and Stability Setting
    When necessary these parameters are matched with the pump curve for specific configurations

  • Knob Rotation
    Available in clockwise (default) or counter-clockwise operation.

  • Remote Activation
    Typically used with ARFF apparatus

All of our Pressure Governors have the most innovative features in the industry:

Separate Menu & Silence Buttons

  • Silence Button – Suppresses audio alarms. Used when accessing program features
  • Menu Button – Used to access detailed information and program features

Bi-colored LED Bar Graphs

Provides operator with clear visual engine status

  • GREEN – normal
  • RED – fault / warning
  • An additional bi-color LED bar graph specific for transmission temperature

2 Line Digital Message Display

Clearly shows the pressure and RPM settings during normal operations, as well as warning alarms and stored data program features

Check Engine and Stop Engine LEDs

Repeat engine warnings from the cab

Built-in Day/Night Sensor

Automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED displays to ensure clear day/night viewing

  • PumpBoss Max

  • InControl

  • TotalControl