• Sure-Grip molded handle
  • Upper group illuminates the vertical face of the building
  • Lower group illuminates the work area in front of the apparatus

  • Powerful spot/flood LEDs deliver more light economically & efficiently

Spectra HR

Engineered to Illuminate Tall Buildings

The Spectra HR uses two unique groups of lenses. The upper group projects wide beams at different angles to cover the entire vertical face of the building. At the same time the lamphead’s lower group lights the ground area in front of a fire apparatus. Each 28,000 lumen Spectra HR achieves this illumination without lamp adjustment.


  • Two distinct groups of lenses are utilized:

    • Upper Group - designed so each lens projects wide beams of light at different angles to cover the entire vertical face of the building
    • Lower Group - designed to illuminate the ground ahead of the apparatus
  • 72 ultra-bright white LEDS - 34 for the Upper Group and 38 for the Lower Group
  • Adjustable, pivoting mounting arm incorporates a round, sturdy, reinforced knurled locking knob
  • Sure-Grip molded handle ensures reliable grip every time and keeps the handle cool to the touch
  • Lamp head measures 14" (355 mm) W x 3 3/4" (95 mm) D x 5 3/8" (137 mm) H
  • Available in both 12/24 VDC and 120/240 VDC, with or without a switch
  • Choose from the standard white bezel or the optional chrome or black bezels
  • Choice of Pole or Tripod mount with or without a switch
  • UL certification
Voltage Certifications Rating Model Amperage Lumens
12V/24V   IP68 J28 1.4A 28,000 lumens
120V   IP68 K28 2.8A 28,000 lumens
240V IP68 Q28 19.2/9.6A 28,000 lumens

* Surface mount SPECTRA models only

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