Surface Mount
22,000 lumens of bright light

The Radiant LUX LED Surface Mount light delivers an ultra bright 22,000 lumens making it the brightest surface mount light on the market. Radiant LUX utilizes the highest technological components and engineered optic design to direct light from each ultra-bright LED more precisely and efficiently. This places the light more evenly and where you need it increasing Scene safety with less power.

Radiant LUX can deliver full light intensity and run for hours with no light degradation thanks to it's all-new power supply and revolutionary heat sink designs. Controllable with traditional switching methods or optional CANbus for enhanced operations.


  • Sleek rugged design available with a black, chrome, or white bezel
  • Standard switch control or an optional CANbus for increased functionality
  • CANbus control:

    • Dimmable to tune brightness or control power consumption
    • Spot and flood sections can be controlled individually
    • Isolate light sections and control for specific applications:
      • Spot only for penetrating light
      • Flood only for ground lighting
      • Both for maximum illumination
      • Functions mix and match


  • AC -16.24 (412.5 mm) wide x 3.7 (93.98 mm) deep x 6.375 (161.93) high (with surface cut out)
  • DC -16.24 (412.5 mm) wide x 2.2 (55.8 mm) deep x 6.375 (161.93 mm) high (no surface cut out)
  • AC - 7.5 lbs. (3.4 kg)
  • DC - 7.0 lbs (3.1 kg)
Lumens 22,000
Color Temperature 6500 Kelvin (Daylight)
LED Distribution 10 Spot LEDs and 56 Flood LEDs
Voltage 12/24V DC (10A Max./5A Max.) or 120/240V AC (1.0A Max/0.5A Max.)
Power 150W
Environment Protection IP68
Max. Operating Ambient Temperature 115° F (45°C) without any deration of light output.
Controller Available with or without CANBUS

FRC's Innovative Asymmetrical Pattern

Engineered to illuminate work area while providing extreme pattern reach