Radiant ECO

15,000 Lumens of Bright Light


  • 15,000 lumens
  • No-Bezel lens design
  • Two lens configurations

    • Asymmetrical lens designed for pole mounted scene lighting
    • Symmetrical Lens designed for tower mount scene lighting
  • Instant on at full intensity
  • Available on FRC pole mount, fixed mount, and tripod
  • FRC Sure Grip Handle
  • Lifetime warranty

Radiant ECO LED lampheads output an impressive range of super bright white light in a variety of models. Choose from 15,000 lumens of light in an Asymmetrical or Symmetrical lens.

Radiant ECO LED lampheads provide you with a high intensity lamp head available in DC or AC power, ideal for new installs and LED upgrades. Affordable and easy to retrofit available in two options:

  • Asymmetrical lens illuminating the work area and objects at a farther distance.

  • Symmetrical lens directs flood lighting evenly onto the work area in a cone shape while focusing a spotlight beam into the distance.

Developed to suit your application, choose from two advanced 15,000 lumen lens designs.

Chose from pole, top and fixed mount applications.

Radiant ECO Lampheads are compatible with existing poles and fixed mounts. Designed to facilitate an affordable upgrade from existing Halogen lights to LED. Give new life to in-service equipment by upgrading to an affordable Radiant ECO Lamphead.


Dimensions 11.25 x 2.9 x 7 (with handle)
Weight 7.2 lbs. (AC)   7.5 lbs. (DC)
Lumens 15,000
LED Make up 10 Spot LEDs and 56 Flood LEDs
LED Temperature 6500K
Operating Voltage
  • 12/24V DC (10A Max./5A Max.)
  • 120/240V AC (1.0A Max/0.5A Max.)
Operating Environment -5°F to +115°F (-20°C to 45°C)
Environmental rating IP67

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