Light Options

Spectra And Evolution II



Ordered with the 530 pole by adding the suffix -NS to the part number.

-NS Option includes:

  • (2) Rubber Bumpers (FOCUS & EVOLUTION II only)
  • (1) Guide Collar & Guide Rail
  • (1) Steady Rest Bracket


The Rubber Bumpers can be ordered separately and installed on all standard FOCUS lampheads.

FC-NS31K Kit Includes:

  • (2) Rubber Bumpers
  • (2) 1/8″ Rivets with Backing Plates


The No-Scratch option can be retrofitted on existing 530 poles.

FC-NSK Kit includes:

  • (1) FC-NS31K Kit
  • (1) Guide Collar & Guide Rail Assembly

Note: It is recommended that the Steady-Rest bracket be installed with the No-Scratch retrofit kit. Order FC-NSK-SR


No Scratch Guide & Rubber Bumpers

Prevents Scratching & Denting

The No-Scratch option combines a guide collar and guide rail assembly, a steady-rest bracket, and two rubber bumpers on the lamphead (FOCUS & EVOLUTION II only) to prevent scratching and denting of apparatus body surfaces. The complete No-Scratch option is available on 530 side mount, bottom raise, telescopic pole.

When the pole is raised the guide collar disengages from the guide rail and the lamphead is free to rotate 360°. As the pole is lowered the guide collar engages the guide rail. The guide collar and rail prevents the pole from being lowered if the lamphead is not correctly aligned.

Rubber Bumpers

Rubber Bumpers are available as an option on most FOCUS and EVOLUTION II lampheads

Raised Pole Indicator & Switch

In order to alert the vehicle operator that an extendable pole is raised, FRC offers a switch and indicator option for all permanently mounted
telescopic poles. The parts
associated with this option
will differ depending upon
the type of pole in question.

Note: To retrofit this option
the type of pole being used
needs to be specified when

If retrofitting this option on a 530 push-up pole the steady rest lower bracket is required.

Wire Guard

When retrofitting a wire guard on a FOCUS lamphead not originally fitted with one order the FC150-S or FC150-M kit. Wire Guards are not available on Model 200, 230, and 250 recessed mounts.

On/Off Lamphead Switch

This option provides a switchbox beneath the lamphead.


Wire Exits From Top Of Pole

Non-Concealed Wire

For most permanently mounted lampheads the power cord exits through the bottom of a pole assembly. Specifying this option will bring the power cord out of the top of the pole or lamphead.


AC Plugs

-P1 Nema 5-15 Straight (household type) plug

-P3 Nema L5-15  3-Prong twist lock plug

Custom Length Pole

FRC telescopic poles can be shipped pre-cut to a custom length. Total length will include pole and lamphead.

(Some restrictions apply)