Superior LED Lighting

  • More efficient and use less power, provide more light and have a longer life.
  • Capable of lasting well past the lifetime of the average apparatus
  • FRC introduced the first LED designs/products to the market
  • We offer more variety of scene lighting and accessory options compared to competitors
  • LED lampheads are designed to operate in a color temperature range that is as close to natural daylight as possible
  • Exclusive optical lens designed to control and focus the light efficiently, placing the light evenly where first responders need it

  • Our lights utilize an innovative heat sink designed to transform heat from the lamphead providing superior performance
  • Brighter, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, contain no mercury, and produce less heat

  • Designed, hand-built and tested in Nesconset, New York USA

Safer, Whiter & Brighter

Brighter Scenes & Safer Fire Grounds

LEDs Produce More Light

  • A quartz halogen bulb utilizes 8% of the energy supplied to produce light. By comparison, LEDs use 40% of the supplied energy to produce light.

LEDs Are More Efficient

  • Different types of light sources that use the same amount of power (watts) can have very different luminous efficacy (lumens/watt) and therefore different lighting efficiency.

LEDs Outlast Traditional Bulbs

  • The typical operational life of an LED is 50,000 hours compared to the average life of an incandescent bulb, which is approximately 2,000 hours.
  • LEDs can operate well past the lifetime of the average apparatus.
  • Because of their inherent solid state design without filaments, LEDs are much more rugged than incandescent bulbs and can better withstand shock and vibrations.

Radiant ECO

Designed for Ambulance and Emergency Response Vehicles

The Radiant ECO LED Lamphead provides an impressive range of bright light at an affordable price.

Developed to suit your application, choose from two advanced 15,000 lumen lens designs.

Chose from pole, top and fixed mount applications.

Radiant ECO Lampheads are compatible with existing poles and fixed mounts. Designed to facilitate an affordable upgrade from existing Halogen lights to LED. Give new life to in-service equipment by upgrading to an affordable Radiant ECO Lamphead.


Designed for Ambulance and Emergency Response Vehicles


  • 15,000 lumens Spectra lamphead

  • Compact lamphead design

  • Plunging and hanging spike

  • Rubber hanging strap

  • Pole mountable
  • 5-light operating modes
  • Compatible with Milwaukee® battery, 18v, 12Ah

  • Low battery alerts with a “Double Flash” when the voltage starts to reach a low level.

Halogen And HID to LED Retrofit

Increase Safety, Simple Order and Install

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Do More
Save More

  • Easy order
  • Drop-in replacement
  • Safer scenes
  • Simple installation
  • Use existing wiring
  • Less power
  • No maintenance
  • Spectra

  • Spectra HR

  • Spectra Max

  • Spectra Max-S

  • Spectra Mobile

  • Spectra MS

  • Spectra Slim Profile

  • Spectra Surface Mount

  • Radiant ECO

  • Radiant Max

  • Evolution II

  • Radiant Lux

  • Vantage Point

  • SoBrite

  • WorkPro

  • Firefly

  • Sunstrip

FRC Lifetime Warranty

FRC offers a lifetime warranty for all Spectra Series*, Evolution II, CrestLight and SoBrite products installed on fire or emergency medical services apparatus. Visit the FRC website at for terms and conditions.

* Excludes Model KR700 Portable, Model 600 Tripod Series, and Spectra Mobile