FRC Tripods are Available with the Following Lampheads:

  • SPECTRA: J20, K20

  • SPECTRA MAX: J28, K28

  • SPECTRA MAX-S: B28, C28

  • SPECTRA MS: T14, U14

  • FOCUS: S30, S50, S75, M10, M12, M15


Telescopic Tripods

The Industry’s Finest Tripods with the Best Features.

  • TwistLock – FRC’s unique locking ring operates from either direction. It is simply the best way to deploy a light with the gloved hand!

  • Air Cushioned pole release – This innovation allows the pole to lower slowly, when released, on a cushion of air. This helps to prevent pinched fingers and damage to the bulb.

  • Ease of set-up – FRC tripods are designed to deploy all three legs at the same time, allowing the unit to be set up quickly and easily at an incident.

  • Lightweight anodized aluminum poles – The standard tripod weighs just 16 pounds!

  • Cammed knobs – The pole tightening knob will not unscrew or come off due to vibration.

  • Anti-chatter legs – Rubber covers at the bottom of the legs ensure a quiet ride.

  • Small footprint – When closed the unit sets into an incredibly small lower bracket allowing ease of mounting just about anywhere!

  • Truck mountable – All tripods are truck mountable, allowing them to be used as telescoping lights on the vehicle and off!

  • Wire Guard – As shown is standard.

  • Extends up to 12 feet! – Fire Research tripods are designed to permit “overextension” of its legs so the tripod’s lamphead can reach this incredible height.

Model 600

Model 600 is a standard tripod that can be used with either SPECTRA or FOCUS lampheads.

This tripod is supplied with a NEMA L5-15 three prong TwistLock plug.

Total Height of Model 600 with Lamphead (Pole & Legs Retracted) SPA Series = 72″ high

OPA Series = 69″ high

FCA Series = 69″ high

600 656 642
A 59 45 1/4 31 3/4
B 99 73 1/2 48 3/8
C 75 1/8 61 1/2 44 3/4
D 115 1/8 89 3/4 61 3/8
E 43 1/2 43 1/2 30 1/2

NOTE: The tripod comes with the power cord exiting from the bottom of the pole. For the power cord to exit from the top of the pole add the -TW option. When the -TW option is installed add 1″ to the lamphead dimension and on a standard pole add 8˝ to dimensions B and D.

Tripod shown from side view with quick release truck mount bracket set

Model 656

Smaller tripod, overall length (with lamphead) is 14″ smaller than Model 600.

Model 642

Smallest tripod, overall length (with lamphead) is 27″ smaller than Model 600.

Optional Quick Release Tripod Brackets

  • The 603 bracket sets consist of a small triangular bracket for the feet and a QUICK RELEASE spring loaded dead-bolt lock to hold the tripod at its midpoint

  • The brackets can be used on the exterior of a vehicle or in a compartment

  • The 6F3 has spacers needed for FOCUS lampheads

  • Similar to the 603, the dual bracket consists of a small triangular bracket for the feet and a DUAL QUICK RELEASE spring loaded dead-bolt lock to hold the tripod at its midpoint. The lock can be released from either side.

Tripod Bracket Dimensions

All Dimensions In Inches*FOCUS Lampheads Require the included 7/8″ spacer.