LED Brow Mounts

Highly Efficient LEDS Provide Five times more light than halogen bulbs

Model FCA800

Turn Night Into Day

Arrive at a nighttime scene and power-up your new SPECTRA or EVOLUTION II brow mounted LED lampheads for the brightest light. Perfect for new and existing vehicles.

Brow Lights are Available with the Following lampheads:

  • SPECTRA: Q15, Q20, J20, K20
  • EVOLUTION II: V11, V20
  • SPECTRA MAX: Q28, J28, K28 
  • SPECTRA MAX-S: A28, B28, C28
  • FOCUS: H30, S30, S50, S75, M10, M12, M15 
  • SPECTRA MS: R14, T14, U14

Model SPA850

Flat Mount

Contour, Universal & Flat Mounting

Perfect For Mounting on Roof of Cab

System Features and Benefits

  • UltraBright Illumination

  • Light up the scene quickly upon arrival
  • Very low profile

  • Available for SPECTRA, EVOLUTION II and FOCUS

Universal Mount

Designed to Mount on Any Cab

  • Universal mounting bracket easily installs on all apparatus

Model SPA830

Contour Brow Mount

Model SPA800

Flat Mount

Designed to Mount on Any Flat Surface

Model FCA850