Under Aerial

The 300 adjustable aerial mounting brackets allow the EVOLUTION II and FOCUS lamphead to be mounted under an aerial bucket or platform. Aim the light forward or directly downward. Commonly set at 30° downward as shown.

570 Fixed Top Mount

More than a simple top mounted base, the 570 allows for a full 450°of rotation. This means that light coverage can be a full circle, plus another quarter turn which ensures no blind spots. The 570 base has a built-in stop to prevent the internal wiring from binding.

A built-in friction mechanism ensures the light will not rotate when the vehicle is in motion.

580 Fixed Side Mount

The 580 side mounted,fixed pedestal light allows the lamphead to rotate 450° and has a self adjusting
friction brake to prevent arbitrary rotation.

The pedestal has around mounting base attached to a side mount bracket.

  • SPECTRA lampheads use a 2.75″ bracket.
  • EVOLUTION II & FOCUS lampheads use a 3.5″ bracket.

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