Pressure Gets Water to the Fire, Water Flow Puts Fires Out

Getting the right flow on the fire is critical. Forget using rule-of-thumb based calculations based on variables such as pressure readings, hose, size, length and friction loss. Flowmeters give an exact and immediate measure of the water being used.

INSIGHT series displays are specifically designed for use on fire apparatus. These hi-tech indicating devices are compact and built rugged to withstand the conditions found at fire scenes today. INSIGHT displays are used by the largest fire departments in the world and have a proven track record.


Know the Flow Know the Pressure – Helps Keep Your Fire Attack Crews Safer


  • Easy Calibration from Front of meter.
  • Simplifies Installation.

  • Brightest Readout Possible is Easy to See Under All Conditions.

  • NFPA Colored Bezels Help Eliminate Mistakes.

  • FRC Datalink Allows for Remote Displays.

  • Photo Sensor Detects Ambient Light so the Unit Automatically Adjusts the LED Intensity for Day or Night Operation.

Calibrate Up to Ten Different Flow Rates

Flowmeters should provide accurate readings at low, medium, and high flow rates. FRC flowmeters have a unique calibration program with the flexibility to ensure accuracy at up to ten different flow rates when plumbing conditions do not allow for non-turbulent flow.

Optional Backlighting

Available on Insight Ultimate

Single Point Calibration

When calibrating at a single flow rate, plumbing conditions may cause turbulent, non-linear flow producing inaccurate readings away from the calibration point.

Multiple Point Calibration

When plumbing conditions are not ideal, calibrate at up to TEN flow rates to greatly increase accuracy and reduce measurement errors.

Color Key

Calibration Point

VERY ACCURATE, low chance of error in the flow rate reading on the display

Close to the Calibration Point

Low chance of error in the flow rate reading on the display

Away from the Calibration Point

Higher chance of error in the flow rate reading on the display

Expanded Scale

Expanded 50 psi to 250 psi (3.5 BAR to 17 BAR) scale for more precise pressure readings in the most commonly used ranges.

Remote Displays, Summing and Accumulating

All FRC Insight series displays are designed to share information over the FRC datalink. This technology allows for remote displays, the display of actual flow rate through multiple discharges (summing) and the total flow through multiple discharges (accumulating).

Discharge     Color
Preconnect #1 or front bumper jump line Orange
Preconnect #2         Red
Preconnect #3 or Discharge #1    Yellow
Preconnect #4 or Discharge #2      White
Discharge #3         Blue
Discharge #4         Black
Discharge #5         Green
Deluge/deck gun    Silver
Water tower    Purple
Large diameter hose    Yellow w/White border *
Foam line(s)    Red w/White border *
Booster reel(s)      Grey
Inlets    Burgundy

Ordering Information

Insight Ultimate

STANDARD KIT includes display module, flow sensor w/mount, pressure sensor, and cables.

  • FPA400-XXXGPM/psi
  • FPA410-XXXLPM/kPa
  • FPA400-000Remote Only GPM/psi
  • FPA410-000Remote Only LPM/kPa
  • FPA420-000Remote Only LPM/BAR


STANDARD KIT includes display module, flow sensor w/ mount, and cables.

  • DFA400-000Remote Only

Insight Plus

STANDARD KIT includes display module, flow sensor w/mount, pressure sensor, and cables.

  • FPA500-XXXGPM/psi
  • FPA510-XXXLPM/kPa
  • FPA500-000Remote Only

XXX = Pipe Diameter

Available diameter varies with mount type.

Flow sensor mount pipe diameters (in inches):

  • 01.0
  • 01.5
  • 02.0
  • 02.5
  • 03.0
  • 03.5
  • 04.0
  • 05.0
  • 06.0
  • 08.0
  • 12.0

Select a flow sensor mount and add to kit number:

  • SC1 Saddle Clamp
  • ST1 Weldment, Steel
  • SS1 Weldment, Stainless
  • AL1 Weldment, Aluminum
  • PT1 Pipe Tee
  • Custom Spacers Available

(Change the 1 to a 2 to order a sensor mount with a flow conditioner.)


  • DFA400 & FPA500 – 3.25″ (H) x 3.25″ (W) (82.55 mm x 82.55 mm)
  • FPA400 – 4.4″ (H) x 4.4″ (W) (111.76 mm x 111.76 mm)


  • Color Coded Bezel
  • External Totalizer Button (Ultimate Only)
  • Backlit Display (Ultimate Only)

Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

The Paddlewheel Flow Sensor is mounted in the pipe so that only the paddles extend into the flow. The paddlewheel is free spinning, resistant to damage from debris in the water and presents no impedance to flow. The sensor generates electrical pulses that are proportional to the rate of flow. This flow sensor is dependable and virtually maintenance-free.

Flow Conditioner

Piping can often cause water turbulence, creating inaccurate readings. The FRC Flow Conditioner© is specially designed to straighten water flow, reducing local turbulence for more accurate readings.

To achieve best results, choose the proper flow sensor location.

Plumbing that distorts smooth water flow such as elbows, expansions or valves need to be considered when choosing a flow sensor location. Refer to FRC flowmeter manuals for mounting location recommendations.

Flow Sensor Mounting Options

Saddle Clamps are the standard mountings for 2″ (50.8 mm) through 6″ (152.4 mm) pipe sizes.

Weldment fittings are available in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.

Pipe Tee fittings are NPT threaded, ranging from 1″ (25.5 mm) through 4″ (101.6 mm) for applications where standard pipe fittings are the easiest solution.

Custom Adapters are available for discharge applications where a spacer is the only thing that will fit.

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