• J1939 or ISO CAN Bus for Engine Information.
  • Manual or Automatic Control of Engine RPM.

  • Always start at idle.

  • Interlock Signal Recognition with Throttle Ready LED.

  • Return to Engine Idle With the Push of a Button.

  • Diagnostic Capabilities.

  • High Idle.

  • Audible Alarm Buzzer (Optional).

  • kPa / BAR (Optional).


  • Quick response control knob allows faster and more reliable RPM adjustments.
  • Two line digital message display to clearly show the RPM settings during normal operations, as well as warning alarms and stored data program features.
  • Bi-color LED bar graphs that provide operators with clear visual engine status.
  • An additional 4th bi-color LED bar graph specific for transmission temperature.
  • A built-in day/night sensor adjusts the brightness of the LED display to ensure clear viewing.
  • Separate buttons for MENU and SILENCE. SILENCE button to deactivate the audible warning alarm.
  • MENU button to access stored data and program features.

Ordering Information

THROTTLEXCEL receives engine information via the J1939 or ISO CAN bus.

STANDARD KIT includes control module, and cables.

  • ELA200Generic
  • ELA201Cummins
  • ELA202Detroit Diesel
  • ELA204 – Navistar
  • ELA205 – Caterpillar
  • ELA206 – Ford*
  • ELA208 – Scania
  • ELA210 – Mercedes
  • ELA224 – MAN
  • ELA228 – RAM
  • ELA229 – Volvo


  • 6.75″ (H) x 4.625″ (W)
  • 171.45 mm (H) x 117.48 mm (W)


  • Audible Alarm Buzzer
  • kPa / BAR / °C

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