FRC Intercoms meet the demanding needs of rescue and fire service personnel for two or three-way communication.

ACT Intercom System


  • Superior Noise Reduction.
  • Background Noise Monitoring Circuit to Detect and Suppress Excessive Noise Produced by the Engine and Pump.

  • Clear, Crisp and Loud Sound for Accurate and Precise Communication.

  • Superior Fireground Intercom has a Rugged Design to Meet the Different Mounting Requirements and the Demanded Reliability.

System Options

Handheld Microphone

This option is for installation in high noise areas. The microphone quickly plugs into the master station box. The system can be keyed to transmit with the microphone switch or the PTT button.

Remote Station with PTT (Push-To-Talk) Button

This option is for installations where a remote station with hands-free operation is not required. The PTT button must be pressed for the remote station to transmit.


Master station comes with Push-to-Talk (PTT) and volume control buttons Standard 2-way and 3-way communication:

  • 2-way communication available with remote station hands-free or PTT
  • 3-way communication available with one remote station hands-free and one remote station PTT or two remote stations PTT

Versatile Mounting Options

  • Separate control module and speaker box
  • Speaker box can be mounted at remote location when space is limited
  • Choice of surface or bracket mount

Ordering Information

STANDARD KIT includes : 2 or 3 Stations, Fused Power Input, and Cables.

  • ICA900 – 2- or 3-Station
  • ICA910 – 2- or 3-Station, Aerial Applications


  • Hand-Held Microphone and Jack on Master (A) Station

  • Hand-Held Microphone and Jack on Master (B) Station
  • Push-To-Talk Button on Remote Station (2-Way systems only)
  • Additional Speaker (2-Way systems only)

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