Elkhart Brass is pleased to announce the introduction of our new Water Powered Monitor Oscillator, WPO-2000.

Elkhart Brass is pleased to announce the introduction of our new Water Powered Monitor Oscillator, WPO-2000. The new WPO-2000 is designed to provide up to 30°/sec oscillation speed when installed between a monitor and a valve, making it the most versatile and reliable water powered monitor oscillator system available to the fire protection industry today. The WPO-2000 design, with pending US patent, has a maintenance-free water way and is suitable for installation in corrosive and non-corrosive environments.

Dependability, ease of install and operation are the hallmarks of Elkhart Brass monitors. The new WPO-2000 design incorporates high quality, system reliability and the flexibility required for modern land-based and water-based industrial fire protection applications.

Key features and benefits of the WPO-2000 include:
• Modular oscillator design that enables compatibility with several types of monitors
• 316 stainless steel construction provides outstanding corrosion resistance and enables use in corrosive environments
• Easily accessible external controls enable easy travel range and speed adjustment while system is in operation
• Double reduction oil bath gearbox ensures reliability and extended life for repeated use
• Manual override feature enables manual control at any time
• 15° to 120° arc of oscillation is adjustable with monitor flowing to ensure efficient use of foam/water
• 200 psi (13.8 BAR) maximum operating pressure
• Supports wide range of monitors with up to 2000 GPM (7570 LPM) flow rate
• Compact size enables ease of installation
• System can be easily tested with a water hose

All these features and more PLUS a 5 year warranty.
We are accepting orders for the new WPO-2000 water powered oscillator. Please contact your RSM for pricing information.

For more information on the new WPO-2000 water powered monitor oscillator, please visit us at www.elkhartbrass.com

As always, Elkhart Brass affirms our commitment to providing solutions for your fire protection needs and we thank you for your continued support.

Erasmus Acquah
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Industrial Products