Elkhart Brass offers enhanced protection for security forces with the Sidewinder EXM crowd control solution package, delivering optimal performance, control and durability. Designed specifically for crowd-control, the Sidewinder EXM control package offers optimal reach and versatility, allowing operators to switch from firing a stream to pinpoint a target up to 255 ft. (78 m) away, or to fog to suppress an entire crowd.

The Crowd-Control Package Includes:
* Sidewinder® EXM Monitor — Heavy-duty monitor rated at 700 GPM (2,650 LPM), with reach up to 255 ft. (78 m)
* 6000-200E Selectable Flow Rate Nozzle — Offers eight different flow rates, including a preset flow rate for greater control.
* Proportional Joystick — Reacts intuitively to operator’s movements, and controls the monitor, valve and nozzle functions.

“The superior reach coupled with the selectable flow rate gives operators ultimate control over the power of the water stream,” said Eric Combs, marketing director at Elkhart Brass. “And the intuitive controls allow operators to easily and quickly pinpoint targets and fire short bursts to conserve water or agents.”

The Sidewinder EXM monitor’s patented compact design with elliptical waterway and axially aligned thrust bearings delivers an accurate stream of 700 GPM (2,650 LPM). Its proportional joystick gives the operator superior feel to move the monitor as slowly or quickly as needed, with a faster travel rate than a standard electric monitor to hit moving targets more easily.

Sidewinder® EXM Monitor Benefits:
* Programmable rotation limits — Lets you customize travel speeds, 3D travel limits and block-out zones to prevent hitting the vehicle or injuring peacekeepers.
* Position indicator in cab — Tells operator monitor orientation without needing to look outside the vehicle.
* Optimum reach — High-quality, focused stream reaches farther to put more water or agent on target.
* High dispersal speed — Patented design delivers 50% greater flow efficiency with less friction loss and 10 times the durability of electric monitor.
* Digital communication and controls — EXM “plug and play” platform simplifies installation while expanding available optional features.
* Rapid travel speed — Faster rate of travel allows operator to quickly bring the monitor to bear on a target.
* Compact design — Small package works in the tightest spaces.
* Superior durability — Built rugged with sealed HD motors to last longer and withstand vibrations and impacts from tough terrain, cruel climates and hostile situations.

In addition, the “plug-and-play” EXM operating system is fully CAN bus compatible for easy installation, and its two extra channels can accommodate mounted lights, cameras or infrared sensors to give your vehicle greater capability. For more information on the Sidewinder EXM crowd control solution package, visit www.elkhartbrass.com