Elkhart Brass delivers big water in a small package with the COBRA EXM.

Smaller, lighter and more affordable than anything in its category, the COBRA EXM allows firefighters to do what they do best — only better.

“The accuracy of the COBRA is far more superior than anything we have used in the past,” said Captain Andrew Roberts, Clay Fire Territory, South Bend, IN. “It is able to move in ways that no other monitor has ever moved for us before. The remote control is a real safety device for us to go out in the field, operate it accurately and be able to put the water stream where we need it without putting a person back on the truck and without having to radio back to an operator on the truck.”

Taking advantage of Elkhart’s EXM operating system, the COBRA delivers greater performance, greater control and greater durability by offering:

• Up to 1500 GPM with less friction loss than competitive monitors
• Symmetrical design for efficient and smooth operation
• Compact package that works in the tightest spaces
• Rugged components such as thrust rods and bearings that deliver 10x greater durability
• Fully programmable travel speeds, stow and oscillation
• Easy-to-use, two-way fiber-optic controls that allow wired or wireless operation
• Simple plug-and-play electronic components

“Driven by customer feedback, extensive field research and application analysis, the COBRA EXM attacks customer’s priorities such as ease of use, durability, and efficiency while enhancing performance needs,” said Eric Combs, Elkhart Brass marketing director. “And with our economic price, the COBRA EXM is unparalleled by any other product in its class.”

Get a closer look with an interactive 360 degree tour of the COBRA’s innovative features and benefits at www.cobraexm.com.